Leather is tanned and therefore sustainable animal skin. Early in our history, humanity discovered that leather can make life more pleasant and that it is almost impossible to replace it with a different type of material. Only a natural product can be beautiful, very versatile and efficient at the same time.

Every animal and therefore every skin is always different and unique in its kind.

Collection 1010

Collection 1010 is a soft and flexible semi-aniline leather with a rich appearance. Due to its flexible structure this collection is easy to use, applicable for projects and the residential market.

Collection 1012

Collection 1012 can be referred as a polished pigmented type of leather. This collection, available in many trendy colours, is extremely suitable for intensive usage.

Collection 1416

Collection 1416 is a pigmented type of leather. The rough print looks natural and ensures optimum efficiency. This collection consists of warm tone colours which can be combined with each other very well.

Collection 1616

Collection 1616 has a robust appearance. This smooth full-grain semi-aniline leather is ideal for residential use and high-quality projects.

Collection chopper

Collection Chopper is a rough nubuck, which can be recognized by the various characteristics within the hides. This collection is extremely suitable for leather goods and for both project and residential market.

Collection club

Collection Club is made on the most beautiful European bull hides. This unique leather is aniline dyed in warm colours and then manually added with a 2-tone effect.

Collection colorado

Collection Colorado is a beautiful thick nubuck with an elegant grain pattern and a wonderful writing effect. Natural characteristics will be clearly visible in this open type of leather.

Collection misto

Collection Misto is a protected aniline type of leather, made on the best cowhides. A natural flat grain is created by a special drying process.

Collection na_no

Collection Na_no is a technical leather, developed for the most diverse purposes. Finished off with a dirt-resistant and fire-retardant finish and herewith a typical project collection.

Collection pure

Collection Pure is an aniline leather made on the best selected hides. The natural characteristics of the leather are visible and that’s what makes the article so pure. An article for a true leather lover!

Collection royal

Collection Royal, 9 typical traditional colours with a hand-brushed, classic effect. The leather is made on beautiful southern German cow hides. This collection will reminds the old-fashioned sheep leather.

Collection saddle

Collection Saddle is vegetable tanned and made on the shoulder part of the hide. This type of leather is applicable for upholstery, insertion of desks, for covering walls, floors and even stairs.

Collection texas

Collection Texas, a typical classic leather with an elegant wish effect which creates a beautiful 2-tone. The special glossy finish creates an elegant collection that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Collection verve

Collection Verve is aniline leather with a special wax on top, made on hides of the European ox. As the name suggests, this is a type of leather to get excited about.

Collection vintage

Collection Vintage has a tough look in which you can recognize the life of one of the strongest animals in the world. You can see that the buffalo is fearless and will not avoid any challenge. Visible features such as scars are part of the collection.

Collection wash

Collection Wash is leather with the classic wish effect. Due to finishing off the basic colour with a dark shade and subsequently polishing the leather by hand, makes this into a ‘’two-toned’’ leather. This gives the article a special appearance, which can also be described as the "English Look".

Collection waxx-select

Collection Waxx-Select is aniline leather with a special wax on top, made on the best selected cowhides. The combination between 2 natural products, the hide of a cow and beeswax, makes this a very special type of leather